The big move – well maybe!

Peace Power & YouCover

Hey All,

Man it’s hard to keep up with it all. I have quit my “day job” to pursue a digital lifestyle, but it seems I have even less time than none. Between helping my partner with her new book launch (which was yesterday), moving my blog to a new domain and then working out problems with my developers and content managers…..there’s almost nothing left.

I really had to force myself to break away from all of that to get this post done. In my own head it seems like I am getting a lot done, but in reality i am still laying the ground work for the main events. I’m not hyped on coffee I guess which is a good thing. I am putting out a few fires around the place, but it all seems to be getting a little much.

I mentioned my partners book launch…..Her new softcover release “Peace Power and You” went off almost without a hitch. Being an “indie” Author, Publisher and promoter has been a massive task for her, but considering, it ll came together. 21 People turned up for the launch at a local Library, we worked out around 33% of them came from members on her news letter list and they brought people they new. Now you might be saying that’s not many for a Book launch. I’m gonna say your wrong there….

It’s taken her years to build such a concentrated list of followers mostly from doing talks and referrals and as we are permanently moving around it is a big deal to get all these people in one place for such an event at relatively short notice. So in all – we did pretty well. She managed to sell 37 copies in about 15 minutes. Which is a pretty good income since most of her expenses were outsourced overseas at a very affordable rate. I don’t know many “Real” authors that can have such high profit margins from self publishing. And forget about profit margins if you are tied down to a major publisher. It really is like being a musician, the artist doesn’t make much after all the promotions, advertising, recording, equipment and labor hire.


All in All a day well spent…..

Now as far as the big blog move to another domain….

I have been planning this for quite sometime. The reasoning behind this is to make the blog more appealing to my offline clients as well as all you IMer’s out there. More generically accepted so that I didn’t need a separate blog for both businesses. I hope you can see the potential that I can see. I know when It comes to separate businesses and offers, it can be at times best to separate all the key elements such as blogs and social platforms….but in my case I think that local digital marketing and IM are very similar platforms.

I hope you like the new name and logo. I had a go at it myself as I want to move into the web design area also. I feel that it’s a great place to practice this sort of stuff and get some good advice from folks like yourself who have been doing this kind of stuff for a while.

Now last on the list…..I have been neglecting my Facebook and other social sites a bit lately but this does not mean I am done. I sort of miss being involved in the lively discussions on my facebook groups but I have been tied down to some serious software development and business research of late.  I have been working on so many elements that it hard to see any real results, but I am really so close with most of them I can smell the clean air :)

I had some serious troubles with my initial developer for my LinkedIn software – InboxIn


but I had to let him go and I have found a new guy who I think can handle the pace.  His communications skills are better and he knows how to reverse engineer which is indeed a good skill in itself.

Over the next few weeks I will be able to release this software and grow other sections of my business in ways that I have never have been able to in the past.  All thanks to a few inspiring groups and people in the Internet Marketing arena.

I would also like to make a mention of a group of Internet Marketers I had the fortune of meeting recently on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.   The meetup was via a “meetup” group I had joined some time ago.  This is the monthly meeting they hold above the local Tavern in the conference room.  Was a really great turn out of awesome individuals from all walks of life and with all types of business models.  Some in Video Marketing, some in local prospecting, some who were really niche specific, some building forums and using Flippa and the list goes on.  All the individual….both men and women 50/50, were very well versed in their niche.  A few individuals were actually 5-6 figure income earners working with some of the top Internet Marketers across the Globe.  Honestly -this really should have been a main event….It was for me.

I gained so much incite and value from it in the 3.5 hours that I was there that I would have honestly paid much more than i did on the night.  I was blown away by the generosity of individuals and humbled by the knowledge that was shared.  We actually sat at tables set up facing each other.  It was kind of a “round table” discussion group .  Worked fantastically, and everyone went away with a wealth of information.  I was fortunate enough to make some really good contacts from that one event.

Well worth your time if ever there is such an event in your area.

Please leave a comment or let me know your thoughts :)



Awesome software release – Or am I just Bragging?

Finally I think I have it – after what it seems to be endless months of back and forth with my developer…..I feel it’s ALMOST ready :)

What the hell are you talking about Col???

Ok….so here it is. I have been working on this underground piece of software that has taken literally months to create from concept to final production. I have worked tirelessly with the help of me developer to engineer a list building tool to use with your Linked In accounts.

Now I know what your probably thinking….”This has all been done before – or done to death”

Ok…OK – yes of course it has. And there are literally thousands of software’s and ideas that employ the same principles and concepts that I am using in this software.

So Col – Why are you wasting my time in telling me this????

Woooaaaa!!! There!!! – My plan was actually to increase your productivity on the 13 most popular social platform on the internet today. (Go look it up if you don’t believe me). Honestly, I truly believe LinkedIn is the most undervalued and under utilized Business social platform there is. If you take a look at all the people selling their courses on how to dominate on LinkedIn – then you will understand as I do, how effective it can be if used correctly. For my own example combined with my coming release of the new software I will be using it to funnel people from one list to another (cross my fingers). Of course, you are only as good as the effort you put in :)

As you can probably tell….I am kinda excited to breath a sigh of relief on this one. Not only has the process been such a long drawn out unnecessary head ache, but it has been quite an expensive one.  I have literally spent hundreds of dollars getting this to an acceptable standard.  I have changed my mind a couple of times on what I wanted to include in the software meaning features and such.  You may have already been in the same boat as myself and you would of course understand how your ideas change and evolve over the lifespan of such a project.  Fortunately for me, I had studied quite a few guides and training programs on linked In – so my preliminary ideas where solid enough to create the first solid concept for the software.  This idea was really borne from not having access to a simplified yet powerful tool that anyone could use to connect to there LinkedIn accounts.  I have to say though….I may opt towards a web based software in future just to simplify the whole development process.

Before I reveal the name of the software I want to highlight what this little baby can do:

  1. Installs easily with a few clicks on any PC (not available on MAC)
  2. Is fully security complaint with your PC
  3. Connects with 1 or more of your LinkedIn accounts
  4. Brings back all your current leads from each account
  5. Allows you to message your contacts individually
  6. Allows you a search feature to find individual contacts
  7. You can time to send to bulk contacts and messages
  8. Best of all I have added a new feature to search and connect with more people to build your client list.

As you can see just from this breakdown, the possibilities for this tool can almost be endless.  We have also coded in features that work behind the scenes to make this software as compliant as possible with LinkedIn’s API’s.  Of course as you can see – it can not only help you build a responsive business contacts list on linkedIn but if in the wrong hands can be used for evil too.  Now we make it very clear that the software itself and of course us as developers have no liability when it comes to you using it.  Which ever way you choose to use it – you must be responsible for your own actions.

So without further hold up here – this brand new software is “INBOXIN”


Now your probably thinking “That’s all good – but where is the link going to the Purchase page. “


I have decided to give it away for free :)

“Whaaat????  – That’s ACES!!!!!”

Sorry for that….I’m sure your not thinking this  –  I can be a bit of dag as well as a bit geeky sometimes.

Anyways – Yes, it yours for absolutely nothing because I really just wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much.  So many individuals I have come across in my marketing career have offered so much awesome information to me over the years – I should already be a muti – millionaire several times over…..lol.

So to sum up I need to add that this post today is only to inform you that the software is going to be released in approx two weeks.  It is a fully functional software  (not some junky BETA stuff),  so you will be getting the real deal.  All I ask now at this stage is if you can do me a favor.  I need to find some people to try out this software and leave me a detailed review.  If that is you, please either leave a comment on this post or you can use the form on this site to send a PM.

Thanks for watching….and stay tuned for the release :)


Tweet Niche Pro – The Complete Twitter Marketing Solution

Tweet Niche Pro – The Complete Twitter Marketing Solution


Tweet Niche Pro allows you to dominate any niche. It is an easy to use and uncomplicated WordPress plug- in that allows you to show all the latest tweets from your multiple accounts. Tweet niche pro comes with software box graphic and detailed usage PDF

Tweet Niche Pro – An overview

Tweet Niche Pro has been designed while keeping your marketing needs in mind. It stands as a complete Twitter Marketing Solution with which you can manage your or your client’s multiple Twitter Accounts.

With this you can

  • Store Campaigns to Follow
  • Store users to follow
  • Store users to unfollow
  • Store campaigns to unfollow
  • Import Tweet  messages to send at intervals and much more

It also allows you to set number of tweets to load. You can also set the number of tweets to show. Guess what; you can

  • Show/hide timestamp
  • Set scrolling speed
  • Set delay time
  • Open link in new window/tab.

It works with the newest WordPress versions including 3.8.1  and latest twitter API . Sure you can use Tweet Niche Pro on almost any website or blog.

Tweet Niche Pro – Features

It has stunning animations, which includes but not limited to slide down, slide up or fade.

It provides you with completely customizable and sophisticated tweeting options.

With this you can

  • Delay Tweets even after your post goes live
  • Re-post your Tweet up to 3 times automatically
  • use custom template or fully customized text for your tweets
  • Filter Tweets by categories and tags
  • Upload featured or attached images to Twitter
  • Use post tags to replace words or excerpt with hashtags
  • Write custom Tweet without editing your post
  • Set a blackout period
  • Block Tweets according to your own rules
  • Post an old as frequently as you need

In order to run Tweet Niche Pro, first you need to add a Twitter Account.

Follow a step by step process

  • Step 1: Open the Manage Accounts panel
  • Step 2: click on the Add button
  • Step 3: You will find a Twitter Account form
  • Step 4: enter your Twitter Account Name and Password

Voila! You can now use Tweet Niche Pro