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Critical marketing tactics that everyone should use…

Hey All,

As with every post I have been doing of late.  I have wanted to bring as much joy and relevant information to the table as possible.  I always have about 1000 ideas swimming aroung my head at any one time, but I am doing my best at the moment to try and tame those wild horses….so here goes.

Marketing 101

Back in the day before the great wheel was invented.  Sorry, I mean the aspect of social marketing was introduced to our fantastic world of web (There was no intention of pointing to World Of Warcraft acronym in this post).  I felt that there was this kind of push towards marketers spamming the crap out of their websites to get attention.  The only marketers who survived this plundering of all things online, were those guys who plugged away with a little discretion and self worth.  I am still seeing some of these guys online today still offering good quality content and pretty great products.  I must admit, some have gone away from plain sight but this does not mean they disappeared totally from the face of the planet.  I feel that some of them now have the luxury “Living The Dream” and enjoying their families, as they in all fairness deserve.

I feel that as I am in the place of offering quality and have narrowed my focus to achieve similar goals, I am well on my way to secure a much enriched future of my own.

All In a marketers Arsenal

I have strived for years to search low and high for the best content to use in my own marketing and also offer to others to fast track them to success.  But I have failed to deliver on consistency when it comes to follow ups and building my list as far as creating solid future for my online marketing business.  I have recently found that keeping your audience engaged for as long as possible is the ultimate key to whether you will succeed online.  So….yes…as marketers we definitely have our work cut out for us compared to say 10 years ago when you had free run of the place.

We now need to:

  • Build a list fast
  • keep our list educated and interested
  • offer only value
  • deliver on our promises
  • create our own products
  • work with other people
  • launch our own products
  • feed our own hungry intellect
  • keep our family and friends happy
  • and heaps more (could go on forever)

What The Future Hold For The IM Industry

I now know with all my years of experience – that I not only have to keep up this kind of stamina.  I have to listen to others who are making these changes I want to see in my own life.  So to do this,  I have only follow those who are offering exact content that I need RIGHT NOW.  And stop following those who’s agenda is just to make sales.

Might seem a little harsh, but i have gone on a little “unsubscribe” rampage of late.  Simply because I don’t have the time to get distracted.  I have signed up for some very valuable lists.  And I now only offer products that I not only use myself, but I can vouch for when it comes to the marketer who is offering that product.

If you have had a look at my latest product review, you will notice that I talk not only about the product, but also the individual product creator.  This is a person who I followed for quite some time, who mainly offers software products and who I have personally spent time with over Skype.  Building trust, building relationships and building a solid long term business plan.

I am not showing you this video so that you can just go out there and start selling stuff as an affiliate.  By all means do that.  But I want to let you know that I value partnerships and friendships in my business life as well as my own personal life.  And I am now understanding what makes this whole Internet Marketing Industry really tick over.  So by creating quality relationships that last with all those that we are surrounded by, value is then a given.

I would like to thank you all for letting me share my thoughts and don’t forget to post your comments below…..

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  1. Hello Col

    The only thing that is certain in business is that if you stand still you will become irrelevant in your marketplace.

    Which although many mentors say you should stop buying every solution that comes our way, we should never stop monitoring how these solutions come our way and how they are marketed.


    • Yes Igor, We can definitely take the approach of investigating all the resources. Generally there are free training and stuff if you look on YouTube. Those marketers I follow now are getting good feedback all the time, so I stick with them when scoping my information. Cheers

  2. Hi Col Cooper, getting rid of those marketers who are out to make quick bugs is certainly a solution in the right path but it takes a lot of work to do that. I am also in the process because they are really a distraction.How I wish there was a software that will help me make the process much easier? create post though and keep it coming.

    • Hey Borris,
      I totally agree that we have enough distractions with SOS (shiny object syndrome) alone even without getting tied up with some other marketer “opinion about IM and how they made millions online. I’m sure if there was software or an app to stop most of these shinnanigans then it is probably out there in the marketplace somewhere :)
      Cheers mate

  3. Hi Col,

    I have heard of the Leadin software – I never purchased it myself.

    From memory it did look like a professional tool that would be helpful for some people.

    Promoting other people`s products that your using yourself is a fantastic idea.

    This is always the best way to do affiliate marketing and so much better than promoting a product we are unfamiliar with.

    This is something I will be doing too as because we use the product ourselves and are experienced firsthand how it works – we are able to give a much better review and honost opinion, plus go into a lot more detail as well.

    That is great that you value partnerships and friendships and I agree that this is an excellent way of doing business. :)

    • Great Shane,

      It really is the most important part of marketing is building your relationships with others first so that your own reputation has some resolve. If you just make hollow offers to strangers you may make some sales but it will be short lived.

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