Do your surveys get results?

Hey Folks,


Just a short quick post about surveys…..

Do you use them in your business.?

Have you noticed when you visit the big company websites and had someone contact you after your shopping experience on how it was handled.


This is usually followed up with some sort of survey, whether it be on or offline….


The company knows that if you do follow up with some answers that they will be getting some really valuable information from you to help with their own marketing campaigns.


This may be nothing new to some of you but you need to ask yourself….

Why are they asking you?  Do they do the same with all their potential and existing customers? Why do you even care?


Let me tell you that you need to  care…because if you are in business for yourself.  This one technique alone can be what brings in the beacon (so to speak)


If you have a couple of minutes, please try out the survey I have generated for you so that you will realise the power of this method: – click image below to go to survey…


And if it doesn’t get your mind working…then unfortunately you need a coffee :)

Anyways…just give it a shot and who knows? You might even be inspired to create your own (Special Secret….OOOps…it’s free to do this)

Cheers – and thanks for reading…..don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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