My New World of Video Marketing

My New World of Video Marketing

Now before you watch, I would like to make a tiny little disclaimer.  Although this part has been quite a challenge for me – I love video production and editing.  I’m not the greatest in the world at this but I pride myself on being a little original with it.  I will let you be the judge…Without Further Hold Up!


Ok…OK…so I am no internet marketing MOGUL.  But hey – I am definitely never going to be either.  Just want to be myself and do the best job that I can expect from myself.  I have good support around me and I value what I have so until this changes I will keep on keeping on this way.


I started with some big ideas for this “little” video.  I spent considerable time creating the script and a storyboard of ideas.  I put the script together in my notes and even had thee BIG ideas of adding a little comedy skit.  HAHA…wow, how the ideas get ahead of you…

I had planned to do the video in around two takes and add all the little flavoured parts throughout the production.  I actually started on the beach..and as there was so much sun….too much in fact.  None of the filming even came to close to what I had expected.  If I had half my body in the shade, I may have come across as a shady marketer…That was no good.

I then moved my production over to a local gardens in the middle of town to take advantage of the council managed flora.  Each take started off well and then I would interrupt myself or someone would walk past with their kids playing and talking quite loudly.  In all fairness this was to be expected and it was such a great day outside (About 26 Degrease C), I really enjoyed just being present in the moment.

I then decided that what I was originally doing was not working, so I took a new approach.  I found that initially I was stopping every time I had to retake and starting the camera again.  I then decided to keep the camera rolling and just retake as many times as I needed all the while the camera (iPhone) was still filming.  Now this may be no new news to some of you seasoned folks out there, but it worked wonders.

I was able to complete the take I needed in two attempts and get on with my day.  Turns out that once again my ego needed to be put aside so that I could take action.  All in all – an eye opening experience.



I had fun filming my fist “Selfie”, internet marketing explainer video.  I tell you though – that word “Selfie” bugs me a little.  But my my ego bugs me even more.  Once I decided to shut out the world and focus with lazer vision….everything came together.

Honestly, it does not matter the situation, the experience or the equipment you have to do this video marketing stuff.  I found that when I got over myself, my confidence really grew…and in such a short time I might add.  Lesson Learned…At least for now!  Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to leave a comment below about your experiences.

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  1. Hello Col

    I can realate to your back story, having started to sell physical products both on eBay and Amazon with minor success I then moved to information marketing in 2010 and the income dried up as I became a hobbyist, dabbling and never focussing long enough to overcome each hurdle.

    I like the video, although the audio levels could be better matched between the intro and your dialogue, intro quite a bit louder.


    • Thanks for your suggestions for the video audio – will take note :) As far as dabbling goes…It doesn’t take long to start dabbling in places that waste a lot of time. At least with QSC, we can now follow simple instructions and make sure that each step is working before moving on.

  2. Hi Col,

    Nice video. You could offer video intro / outro production to the group. I’m sure you’d get a lot of takers.

    I hope that Quick Start Challenge brings you what you wish for too. I’m looking forward to yours and many other success stories in the near future.


    Steven Lucas

    • Thanks Steve, I appreciate the suggestions. Just love playing around with editing software for now, but may look at expanding on this in future.
      See you on the inside mate :)

  3. Hi Col
    Great video partner, I think your process of getting to the place that work for is great. I see we are the same page when it comes to getting focus and stick to one project.

    Looking forward to more post and videos.


    • Awesome Ken – I am glad you see the substance in the content I have provided. We are definitely on the same page. Cheers Mate!

    • Hey Lara, Yes we will both succeed as long as we remove the obstacles and road blocks along the way. Also finding support from other team members helps immensely. Cheers!

    • I think you are referring to “Keep It Stupidly Simple” – I hope you agree that putting it this way sounds much more user friendly. Cheers!

  4. Hi Col,
    said very nice every word and fully agreed!Wish I could make such nice videos with music and pictures. You just made me smile! I read your reply to Brice’s comment! Darn, again fully agreed! :) All thumbs up!

    • Hey Desana, Really appreciate your kind words. It has taken me many years to be able to use such techniques for creating video intro’s, etc…I am using iMovie exclusively for this one because as I am editing I can insert the correct intro and music that comes with the template. It’s awesome fun sometimes, but also can be very time consuming. If you have such programs for editing video, just play around with them and experiment, you will learn like I have. Cheers!

  5. Hi Col!

    It was a pleasure to watch your video! I too have started learning internet marketing many years ago, around 2003, but there were too many obstacles on the way. So, now I’m also starting from scratch, or so it feels, even though I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience over the last years. I’m sure that for you too it helps that you have your previous experience, no matter how succesful you have been. Also having just more experience in life in general helps! 😉

    • Hey Sanna, It’s sometimes a bit of a roadblock for us who have previous experience, because we almost need to unlearn some of the bad habbits that have held us back in the past. I am enjoying making this challenge a time to start fresh and new. It also helps remain innovative and fresh with posts, emails, offers and reviews. Especially challenging ourselves to do more in the video department :)

  6. Hi Col,

    It is nice to see another aussie taking part in the Quick Start Challenge.

    Your in Queensland and I am in Victoria :)

    I have sold a few things myself on Ebay before as well.

    The problem for me with Ebay was that I ran out of things to sell, plus it was hit and miss income.

    All the best with your new fresh start online.

    • Hey Shane,

      Man it’s gotta be a little bit cold down there right now :)….I understand Victoria as I am originally from there. As far as Ebay goes, I was selling digital products on there back when John Thornhill was the “go To” Ebay seller for all things digital. I actually paid over $1000 bucks to attend a weekend seminar on the Gold Coast – to turn it into a full time income. Again, not following up after getting disheartened with crappy customer feedback I let it fall by the wayside. I guess another lesson on not letting obstacles deter me eh! All the best to you my friend – maybe one day when I am down that way we can catch up and share success stories :)

  7. Wow I really get amazed seeing the videos that were made in the QSC. I can relate to your story, about not being focused and chasing the next shiny object. But I never really did anything but by programs. My video would be like nursery school compared to most I’ve seen. But they said it doesn’t have to be perfect just take action. Again great job.

    • Cheers Dino, It does take a bit more than the average commitment on our parts, but like anything you really make an effort with…eventually it has to pay off. Some days I get a little disheartened, but I feel it will be worth it in the long run. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others, just try something you don’t normally do every day and it WILL happen. In other words – you will WILL it to happen :)

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