Your Guide to Relocating a website

Your Guide to Relocating a website

UPDATE: Apologies for the sound issues.  Please make sure you have the sound turned down before you begin each video.  I will attempt to update these issue soon.


Ok folks – it took me quite some time….but here it is.  I have put together a step by step plan to get your website moved from one server to another.  Sure you can relocate your site to a different folder or sub-folder on the same hosting, but I wanted to provide you with worst case scenario.  So if you have watched the first video intro, let’s dive into the good stuff…..


Now….I have managed to do this type of service for many offline clients in the past and it has been quite successful.  In saying this…please,please,please do a back up of both your WordPress site and your database BEFORE you change any settings and before you download any files.  I have also found this task to be much easier when you  make sure that your new server uses similar software to your old server.  if your just moving your site to a new site folder as apposed to a new hosting company, this task will be much quicker and in most cases you will not need to have a complete backup.

Although, if you don’t have that much experience please make sure you back up everything as you should be doing this on a regular basis.  You will find in wordpress, there are free plugins that do a pretty awesome job of this.  If you are using shared hosting, you are better of saving your backups to your local computer or cloud hosting.

Also please note that I did start off with the suggestion that I would be changing my domain name to a different one to show you how to successfully re-direct a new one to your new hosting file.  I changed domain names that I was using because there was a technical sever issue.  Anyway, the example should be clear enough for you to follow on with….

As far as playing with your database in relation to wordpress…don’t panic if you have not followed the instructions that closely.  If you make a mistake, then just re-upload the backup of your database with the import function in myphpadmin and try again.

If you find that when you transfer your site that you are still getting errors, it’s always best to re-trace your steps to the point where everything was working well.  It’s a good idea if you do run into any major issues, that you are able to restore your backup to it’s original condition in case you need assistance from your hosting provider.  They can at least check how the site was originally working when you began this task.  This should then make it miles easier to rectify the problem.

Now that you have learnt all the steps to a successful website transfer outside of your existing host company.  Any of these type of changes you make inside your existing host should be relatively simple.

I have found by following these steps in sequence not missing any parts, your end result will be  far more effective and smoother.  I’m sure you can find many similar tutorials around the net if you do a quick search.  But rest assured that I have years of experience when it comes to relocating websites such as WordPress, so you are in good hands.

It may be a case that you come across an unusual circumstance that causes you difficulties outside the guidelines that  I have showed you in this mini tutorial…and if that’s the case I would love your feedback.

I’m sure some of you are able to do all this with software and or plugins free or paid and that is great. I put this tutorial together not only because it was requested of me, but more because you are now able to do it all manually and you can actually understand what is involved in the process.

Please watch the final video for the results….

If there is anything else you would like to add, you can leave a comment below.  Also don’t be shy….and share….That’s all for today – best of luck!


The big move – well maybe!

Peace Power & YouCover

Hey All,

Man it’s hard to keep up with it all. I have quit my “day job” to pursue a digital lifestyle, but it seems I have even less time than none. Between helping my partner with her new book launch (which was yesterday), moving my blog to a new domain and then working out problems with my developers and content managers…..there’s almost nothing left.

I really had to force myself to break away from all of that to get this post done. In my own head it seems like I am getting a lot done, but in reality i am still laying the ground work for the main events. I’m not hyped on coffee I guess which is a good thing. I am putting out a few fires around the place, but it all seems to be getting a little much.

I mentioned my partners book launch…..Her new softcover release “Peace Power and You” went off almost without a hitch. Being an “indie” Author, Publisher and promoter has been a massive task for her, but considering, it ll came together. 21 People turned up for the launch at a local Library, we worked out around 33% of them came from members on her news letter list and they brought people they new. Now you might be saying that’s not many for a Book launch. I’m gonna say your wrong there….

It’s taken her years to build such a concentrated list of followers mostly from doing talks and referrals and as we are permanently moving around it is a big deal to get all these people in one place for such an event at relatively short notice. So in all – we did pretty well. She managed to sell 37 copies in about 15 minutes. Which is a pretty good income since most of her expenses were outsourced overseas at a very affordable rate. I don’t know many “Real” authors that can have such high profit margins from self publishing. And forget about profit margins if you are tied down to a major publisher. It really is like being a musician, the artist doesn’t make much after all the promotions, advertising, recording, equipment and labor hire.


All in All a day well spent…..

Now as far as the big blog move to another domain….

I have been planning this for quite sometime. The reasoning behind this is to make the blog more appealing to my offline clients as well as all you IMer’s out there. More generically accepted so that I didn’t need a separate blog for both businesses. I hope you can see the potential that I can see. I know when It comes to separate businesses and offers, it can be at times best to separate all the key elements such as blogs and social platforms….but in my case I think that local digital marketing and IM are very similar platforms.

I hope you like the new name and logo. I had a go at it myself as I want to move into the web design area also. I feel that it’s a great place to practice this sort of stuff and get some good advice from folks like yourself who have been doing this kind of stuff for a while.

Now last on the list…..I have been neglecting my Facebook and other social sites a bit lately but this does not mean I am done. I sort of miss being involved in the lively discussions on my facebook groups but I have been tied down to some serious software development and business research of late.  I have been working on so many elements that it hard to see any real results, but I am really so close with most of them I can smell the clean air :)

I had some serious troubles with my initial developer for my LinkedIn software – InboxIn


but I had to let him go and I have found a new guy who I think can handle the pace.  His communications skills are better and he knows how to reverse engineer which is indeed a good skill in itself.

Over the next few weeks I will be able to release this software and grow other sections of my business in ways that I have never have been able to in the past.  All thanks to a few inspiring groups and people in the Internet Marketing arena.

I would also like to make a mention of a group of Internet Marketers I had the fortune of meeting recently on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.   The meetup was via a “meetup” group I had joined some time ago.  This is the monthly meeting they hold above the local Tavern in the conference room.  Was a really great turn out of awesome individuals from all walks of life and with all types of business models.  Some in Video Marketing, some in local prospecting, some who were really niche specific, some building forums and using Flippa and the list goes on.  All the individual….both men and women 50/50, were very well versed in their niche.  A few individuals were actually 5-6 figure income earners working with some of the top Internet Marketers across the Globe.  Honestly -this really should have been a main event….It was for me.

I gained so much incite and value from it in the 3.5 hours that I was there that I would have honestly paid much more than i did on the night.  I was blown away by the generosity of individuals and humbled by the knowledge that was shared.  We actually sat at tables set up facing each other.  It was kind of a “round table” discussion group .  Worked fantastically, and everyone went away with a wealth of information.  I was fortunate enough to make some really good contacts from that one event.

Well worth your time if ever there is such an event in your area.

Please leave a comment or let me know your thoughts :)



Awesome software release – Or am I just Bragging?

Finally I think I have it – after what it seems to be endless months of back and forth with my developer…..I feel it’s ALMOST ready :)

What the hell are you talking about Col???

Ok….so here it is. I have been working on this underground piece of software that has taken literally months to create from concept to final production. I have worked tirelessly with the help of me developer to engineer a list building tool to use with your Linked In accounts.

Now I know what your probably thinking….”This has all been done before – or done to death”

Ok…OK – yes of course it has. And there are literally thousands of software’s and ideas that employ the same principles and concepts that I am using in this software.

So Col – Why are you wasting my time in telling me this????

Woooaaaa!!! There!!! – My plan was actually to increase your productivity on the 13 most popular social platform on the internet today. (Go look it up if you don’t believe me). Honestly, I truly believe LinkedIn is the most undervalued and under utilized Business social platform there is. If you take a look at all the people selling their courses on how to dominate on LinkedIn – then you will understand as I do, how effective it can be if used correctly. For my own example combined with my coming release of the new software I will be using it to funnel people from one list to another (cross my fingers). Of course, you are only as good as the effort you put in :)

As you can probably tell….I am kinda excited to breath a sigh of relief on this one. Not only has the process been such a long drawn out unnecessary head ache, but it has been quite an expensive one.  I have literally spent hundreds of dollars getting this to an acceptable standard.  I have changed my mind a couple of times on what I wanted to include in the software meaning features and such.  You may have already been in the same boat as myself and you would of course understand how your ideas change and evolve over the lifespan of such a project.  Fortunately for me, I had studied quite a few guides and training programs on linked In – so my preliminary ideas where solid enough to create the first solid concept for the software.  This idea was really borne from not having access to a simplified yet powerful tool that anyone could use to connect to there LinkedIn accounts.  I have to say though….I may opt towards a web based software in future just to simplify the whole development process.

Before I reveal the name of the software I want to highlight what this little baby can do:

  1. Installs easily with a few clicks on any PC (not available on MAC)
  2. Is fully security complaint with your PC
  3. Connects with 1 or more of your LinkedIn accounts
  4. Brings back all your current leads from each account
  5. Allows you to message your contacts individually
  6. Allows you a search feature to find individual contacts
  7. You can time to send to bulk contacts and messages
  8. Best of all I have added a new feature to search and connect with more people to build your client list.

As you can see just from this breakdown, the possibilities for this tool can almost be endless.  We have also coded in features that work behind the scenes to make this software as compliant as possible with LinkedIn’s API’s.  Of course as you can see – it can not only help you build a responsive business contacts list on linkedIn but if in the wrong hands can be used for evil too.  Now we make it very clear that the software itself and of course us as developers have no liability when it comes to you using it.  Which ever way you choose to use it – you must be responsible for your own actions.

So without further hold up here – this brand new software is “INBOXIN”


Now your probably thinking “That’s all good – but where is the link going to the Purchase page. “


I have decided to give it away for free :)

“Whaaat????  – That’s ACES!!!!!”

Sorry for that….I’m sure your not thinking this  –  I can be a bit of dag as well as a bit geeky sometimes.

Anyways – Yes, it yours for absolutely nothing because I really just wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much.  So many individuals I have come across in my marketing career have offered so much awesome information to me over the years – I should already be a muti – millionaire several times over…

So to sum up I need to add that this post today is only to inform you that the software is going to be released in approx two weeks.  It is a fully functional software  (not some junky BETA stuff),  so you will be getting the real deal.  All I ask now at this stage is if you can do me a favor.  I need to find some people to try out this software and leave me a detailed review.  If that is you, please either leave a comment on this post or you can use the form on this site to send a PM.

Thanks for watching….and stay tuned for the release :)

moon design studio co. presents

Critical marketing tactics that everyone should use…

Hey All,

As with every post I have been doing of late.  I have wanted to bring as much joy and relevant information to the table as possible.  I always have about 1000 ideas swimming aroung my head at any one time, but I am doing my best at the moment to try and tame those wild horses….so here goes.

Marketing 101

Back in the day before the great wheel was invented.  Sorry, I mean the aspect of social marketing was introduced to our fantastic world of web (There was no intention of pointing to World Of Warcraft acronym in this post).  I felt that there was this kind of push towards marketers spamming the crap out of their websites to get attention.  The only marketers who survived this plundering of all things online, were those guys who plugged away with a little discretion and self worth.  I am still seeing some of these guys online today still offering good quality content and pretty great products.  I must admit, some have gone away from plain sight but this does not mean they disappeared totally from the face of the planet.  I feel that some of them now have the luxury “Living The Dream” and enjoying their families, as they in all fairness deserve.

I feel that as I am in the place of offering quality and have narrowed my focus to achieve similar goals, I am well on my way to secure a much enriched future of my own.

All In a marketers Arsenal

I have strived for years to search low and high for the best content to use in my own marketing and also offer to others to fast track them to success.  But I have failed to deliver on consistency when it comes to follow ups and building my list as far as creating solid future for my online marketing business.  I have recently found that keeping your audience engaged for as long as possible is the ultimate key to whether you will succeed online.  So….yes…as marketers we definitely have our work cut out for us compared to say 10 years ago when you had free run of the place.

We now need to:

  • Build a list fast
  • keep our list educated and interested
  • offer only value
  • deliver on our promises
  • create our own products
  • work with other people
  • launch our own products
  • feed our own hungry intellect
  • keep our family and friends happy
  • and heaps more (could go on forever)

What The Future Hold For The IM Industry

I now know with all my years of experience – that I not only have to keep up this kind of stamina.  I have to listen to others who are making these changes I want to see in my own life.  So to do this,  I have only follow those who are offering exact content that I need RIGHT NOW.  And stop following those who’s agenda is just to make sales.

Might seem a little harsh, but i have gone on a little “unsubscribe” rampage of late.  Simply because I don’t have the time to get distracted.  I have signed up for some very valuable lists.  And I now only offer products that I not only use myself, but I can vouch for when it comes to the marketer who is offering that product.

If you have had a look at my latest product review, you will notice that I talk not only about the product, but also the individual product creator.  This is a person who I followed for quite some time, who mainly offers software products and who I have personally spent time with over Skype.  Building trust, building relationships and building a solid long term business plan.

I am not showing you this video so that you can just go out there and start selling stuff as an affiliate.  By all means do that.  But I want to let you know that I value partnerships and friendships in my business life as well as my own personal life.  And I am now understanding what makes this whole Internet Marketing Industry really tick over.  So by creating quality relationships that last with all those that we are surrounded by, value is then a given.

I would like to thank you all for letting me share my thoughts and don’t forget to post your comments below…..

My New World of Video Marketing

My New World of Video Marketing

Now before you watch, I would like to make a tiny little disclaimer.  Although this part has been quite a challenge for me – I love video production and editing.  I’m not the greatest in the world at this but I pride myself on being a little original with it.  I will let you be the judge…Without Further Hold Up!


Ok…OK…so I am no internet marketing MOGUL.  But hey – I am definitely never going to be either.  Just want to be myself and do the best job that I can expect from myself.  I have good support around me and I value what I have so until this changes I will keep on keeping on this way.


I started with some big ideas for this “little” video.  I spent considerable time creating the script and a storyboard of ideas.  I put the script together in my notes and even had thee BIG ideas of adding a little comedy skit.  HAHA…wow, how the ideas get ahead of you…

I had planned to do the video in around two takes and add all the little flavoured parts throughout the production.  I actually started on the beach..and as there was so much sun….too much in fact.  None of the filming even came to close to what I had expected.  If I had half my body in the shade, I may have come across as a shady marketer…That was no good.

I then moved my production over to a local gardens in the middle of town to take advantage of the council managed flora.  Each take started off well and then I would interrupt myself or someone would walk past with their kids playing and talking quite loudly.  In all fairness this was to be expected and it was such a great day outside (About 26 Degrease C), I really enjoyed just being present in the moment.

I then decided that what I was originally doing was not working, so I took a new approach.  I found that initially I was stopping every time I had to retake and starting the camera again.  I then decided to keep the camera rolling and just retake as many times as I needed all the while the camera (iPhone) was still filming.  Now this may be no new news to some of you seasoned folks out there, but it worked wonders.

I was able to complete the take I needed in two attempts and get on with my day.  Turns out that once again my ego needed to be put aside so that I could take action.  All in all – an eye opening experience.



I had fun filming my fist “Selfie”, internet marketing explainer video.  I tell you though – that word “Selfie” bugs me a little.  But my my ego bugs me even more.  Once I decided to shut out the world and focus with lazer vision….everything came together.

Honestly, it does not matter the situation, the experience or the equipment you have to do this video marketing stuff.  I found that when I got over myself, my confidence really grew…and in such a short time I might add.  Lesson Learned…At least for now!  Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to leave a comment below about your experiences.

Summer at the Beach

Your Final Moments – Your Thoughts on Internet Marketing?

If you have ever had the thought that your final thoughts would be what defines who you will be perceived forever – then…..

We can hide behind the wall of ignorance and innocence and shy away from our true potential but it only hurts us.

I have been travelling for quite some time and realized that others want to hear about my own experiences only if it relates to them and their current situations.  You know I always thought this to be quite a harsh reality….but really it’s actually perfect.  If we try to re-invent the wheel, we are actually setting ourselves up for disaster and hurt right from the beginning..

But I hear you say –  “But I have to do this Col, otherwise I am just like everyone else”

I have, in recent times, realized this not to be the case at all.  I have to find it in my heart to take from all situations and bend them to my will (without hurting others of course).  I have to adapt and change at the same time.  Re-invent myself over and over again.  Pick up jewels that others leave behind to adopt as part of myself and forever add to this methodology into my very own core.


As far as Internet Marketing is concerned.  You will have noticed there are now more than ever…A lot of creative minds that are bringing out bigger and better products faster than ever.  That may be the case and you might find this intimidating as I have in the past.  But don’t be fooled….They began exactly as you and I did.  They struggled as you an I have.  And they triumphed as you and I have – are and will.

What I am getting at is this….

Don’t focus on what you see in front of your eyes.  Do your background work and weed out the truth of how they got to this point and what worked for them.

Trust me, this is the only way to become truly successful in any endeavor you create.  You can follow anyone you really like in your niche for as long as you want.  Copy their steps to their success and then adapt the whole process to your own style.

For instance.  When I was working full time in my trade as a contractor.  I would copy the way others approached their customers with advice and recommendations.  Then I would simple add my two cents worth to that formula.  I would then turn around to the customer and ask them if they understood the situation correctly and further expand on the explanation until they understood.

Especially in my field, things would get quite technical.  So if I took the time out to be a little over the top explaining the inner workings, they would remember that and appreciate the service.  In turn invite me back for more work.


Image if you will….If it’s your last chance to impress someone so they would follow you to the end of the earth.  What would you do?

Mostly you won’t have a chance to re-invent the wheel when it comes to impress someone – especially with internet marketing.  You can adapt someone else’s idea and improve on it so that others will look to you as an authority.  All the while leaving them with the impression that you are the go to person for them as you have reached them on a deeper level.

If you have similar experiences – let me know :)

Make sure you join my insiders club. Not only will you get free PLR you can use to build your list and sell as your own products. If you stick with me and follow my updates you will also get software I personally use to build my list and my business. Software I know for a fact that cost the developers $100 if not thousands to create free for you to use. I know this personally, as I am soon to release my own software free of charge to give to you….so join up and stay tuned. I promise it will be worth your while, just sign up and grab your freebies :)



When time is against us…Will we win?

Too many times I have let myself get over run with other ideas and concepts of a lesser nature.  Ideas and concepts that have little value in what I am achieving in my life right now…right at this very moment.

For example – the quick start challenge I am currently involved in.  It has been a real eye opener for me to see that what happened with other successful people online years ago, can happen to me the same way just using those very same techniques.  Alls I have to do is go out and do it and not get distracted.  I find all too often, that my mind let’s me down when I have to stay focused and I then choose to chase after something I know is going to be less productive and have less value than my true goal.

It feels at times that the mountain I need to climb has gotten bigger than the last time I looked and more daunting to keep up with my own progress.  As I have come across these challenges often, it’s not a new thing.  What is less familiar too me is actually accepting the challenge and following through with results.  In the past I have convinced myself that I am doing so well and making the progress I originally set out for.  But when I look back….”Who am I kidding”  The progress speaks for itself…Only those who have made the effort and show some sort of following will get the results.

So now, if I don’t do what I originally set out to do.  I am only letting myself down.  In marketing, it’s you who can the make the difference…and only you….So if I can keep telling myself this, I will continually force myself to create those results I expect.  I have to make the time to make the changes I want to see in myself and in others.

It’s time for a new start, a clean break and to overcome any obstacle that will stand in my way.  I wish the same to all of you…Especially on the Quick Start Challenge….To milk it for everything it has to offer.  Like Dean has said, time and again….Don’t get it perfect….just get it going….(my little bit – then get results).  Please share your results:)


WordPress Plugins – What’s your favorites?


I have my preferred plugins – please share yours….

As I have used and enjoyed WordPress for many years, I have found that with the use of specific plugins you can get the most out of your site or blog.  Not only is it a great way to build and structure your site, but #plugins are very useful to share you content direct from your page.  In the years that WordPress has grown, so has the addons you can use with it.  The more you understand and adapt certain plugins to your blog.  The more your website takes on credibility in Google’s eyes as well as your readers.

Today I would like to introduce my 6 favorite #plugins that I prefer to use with all my WordPress sites:

Askimet (you will need to sign up for a account)

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Google XML Sitemaps

Hide Title

conact form7

WP Content Copy Protection

I have also created a survey here:

Which WordPress Plugin Do You Use?

 Now, most of these plugin’s you may be familiar with, but just because you have them installed to your site does not mean you are using them effectively.

For many years I struggled to understand how a simple little plugin could make any difference with my sites.  But as I progressed, I learn that when these plugins are set up correctly from the get go….they can have an everlasting effect on the search engines and also how people engage your business.  You may need to do a little research on each plugin, especially on how other users are finding it with their productivity as far as site optimization is concerned.

Paid Vs Free Plugins

I will say this though….Be careful when you install any plugin whether  it be paid or free.  If it’s corrupting your current theme in anyway, it could also be affecting any search rankings you may have on your site.  After installing any plugins to your site, always check the rest of your site from your dashboard panel to make sure none if the functionality is lost and also on the front end if your site still appears the same to the user.  In my experience, overloading your #WordPress site with too many plugins can almost destroy your site, leaving it vulnerable to hackers and stop some major functionality on the sites front end.

Always install plugin’s with cation whether they are paid or free.  In a way it’s a little like desktop software.  If you have any doubt about the developers credentials or which site you are downloading the plugin from, make sure you do your Google checks :)

I have found that when my sites were loaded with plugins, especially those you don’t use much if not at all.  It also slows down your sites performance.  Especially now that Google gives authority to faster loading sites over those which have poor functionality and load slower.  It is best to also monitor this aspect when installing plugins also.

With that being said….I really hope you find the right plugins for your own site and don’t take my word for it.  Do your research and keep it as simple as possible.  If your thinking of using a plugin on your site, take some time to understanding how it works.

That’s all for now – Best of luck

Focus is the Number 1 Key to our success

Focus is the Number 1 Key to our success

Please watch the video first to understand why humor has to be one of the main focus points in our daily journeys….otherwise how do we grow if we take ourselves too seriously.

I would like to highlight that “Focus is the key to our Success”…..

But I would also like to add that determination also helps a great deal.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

What I am getting at here is that I not only need to change my thinking and my actions to stand out from the crowd….But I need to be determined and consistent until “it hurts” as mentioned by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Quick Start Challenge webinar.

Of course, it wasn’t actually him…but you know what I’m getting at :)

For many years I have stood in the background and let others make decisions for me because it was easier and in the long run I found it had really made it hard for me to become successful in anything I deserved to be successful in.  I waited until that decision had been made before taking action….

Probably the biggest mistake to date really….I don’t regret it….but I really appreciate the lessons that it had shown me.

Because now I find myself taking actions on nearly all the decisions I make in my own life and taking responsibility for the outcome.

As I am sure like some of you…..I have made some atomic mistakes in my decisions and also had some awesome successes that put those mistakes into perspective.  I have felt the pain and done it anyway, simply because I have wanted to give a better life to myself and my family.  Because in the end….the journey is about those experience you can offer others close to you to help improve quality of life.  I realize more than ever I have to give quality more than quantity so that everything I achieve ads value.

I have to hold onto and not forget  those lessons that hurt the most so that I can be propelled forward, above and beyond my greatest expectations.  I can now appreciate how blessed my life is and not take for granted the small things that life has to offer.

When my journey began in the IM niche, I felt it was time to build myself a good income from working from home so as not to be stuck in the 9-5 rut that other’s had created.  Although, at the time, I was running my own contracting business and doing quite well mind you….most of my work was on sub contract basis…In the building game this means all your jobs including dealing with the customer had to be done according to the parent companies guidelines which included not talking to clients about anything other than the job at hand…

I hope your getting the picture. I was still working at decisions that someone else had made in my life and making them look good.  All the while I had less time with my family and a lot more worries on my plate.

So when I was introduced to internet marketing.  It became abundantly clear I needed to pursue this line of work so that I could create a more positive and fulfilling lifestyle at home.  I would come home some days absolutely exhausted, but would be exited to see how my online presence was making a difference to other….Unfortunately, I found I was not making much of an impact except for a few sales on Ebay.

Years of doing the same thing day in, day out was starting to wear thin and the strain was felt, not only to myself, but by all those around me. As far as Internet Marketing went….I almost gave up all together.  I thought to myself…best just stick to what I know….being a tradie.   Don’t get me wrong, I have a loving partner who supports me – but I guess the pressure was getting too much.

In the years following…I had some mild success with platforms such as fiverr combined with offline local business clients I began seeing potential again.  I began to get my sense of humor back and seeing the positive events out there in the IM world, I felt like I needed to go back to what I loved and be a part of the community I so enjoyed in the past.

All in all it has been a roller coaster ride, but I am happy to say….

I may have not made a fortune online….or even come close.  But I am back in the game, more positive, more enthusiastic and more enlightened than ever before.  I have made the decision to “quit” my day job, so to speak.  And give 1000% to my online marketing and relationship building schedule.  To fill my life with positive people who are making a difference in their lives no matter what niche they are involved in and to move ahead faster with more focus than ever before.

I would really like to finish by thanking all those inspired souls in the “Quick Start Challenge 3.0”  And all others that are being true to themselves…

It’s a fresh start…..Go get EM all!!!!  and God Bless


Do your surveys get results?

Hey Folks,


Just a short quick post about surveys…..

Do you use them in your business.?

Have you noticed when you visit the big company websites and had someone contact you after your shopping experience on how it was handled.


This is usually followed up with some sort of survey, whether it be on or offline….


The company knows that if you do follow up with some answers that they will be getting some really valuable information from you to help with their own marketing campaigns.


This may be nothing new to some of you but you need to ask yourself….

Why are they asking you?  Do they do the same with all their potential and existing customers? Why do you even care?


Let me tell you that you need to  care…because if you are in business for yourself.  This one technique alone can be what brings in the beacon (so to speak)


If you have a couple of minutes, please try out the survey I have generated for you so that you will realise the power of this method: – click image below to go to survey…


And if it doesn’t get your mind working…then unfortunately you need a coffee :)

Anyways…just give it a shot and who knows? You might even be inspired to create your own (Special Secret….OOOps…it’s free to do this)

Cheers – and thanks for reading…..don’t forget to leave your comments below.