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Hey All,

Man it’s hard to keep up with it all. I have quit my “day job” to pursue a digital lifestyle, but it seems I have even less time than none. Between helping my partner with her new book launch (which was yesterday), moving my blog to a new domain and then working out problems with my developers and content managers…..there’s almost nothing left.

I really had to force myself to break away from all of that to get this post done. In my own head it seems like I am getting a lot done, but in reality i am still laying the ground work for the main events. I’m not hyped on coffee I guess which is a good thing. I am putting out a few fires around the place, but it all seems to be getting a little much.

I mentioned my partners book launch…..Her new softcover release “Peace Power and You” went off almost without a hitch. Being an “indie” Author, Publisher and promoter has been a massive task for her, but considering, it ll came together. 21 People turned up for the launch at a local Library, we worked out around 33% of them came from members on her news letter list and they brought people they new. Now you might be saying that’s not many for a Book launch. I’m gonna say your wrong there….

It’s taken her years to build such a concentrated list of followers mostly from doing talks and referrals and as we are permanently moving around it is a big deal to get all these people in one place for such an event at relatively short notice. So in all – we did pretty well. She managed to sell 37 copies in about 15 minutes. Which is a pretty good income since most of her expenses were outsourced overseas at a very affordable rate. I don’t know many “Real” authors that can have such high profit margins from self publishing. And forget about profit margins if you are tied down to a major publisher. It really is like being a musician, the artist doesn’t make much after all the promotions, advertising, recording, equipment and labor hire.


All in All a day well spent…..

Now as far as the big blog move to another domain….

I have been planning this for quite sometime. The reasoning behind this is to make the blog more appealing to my offline clients as well as all you IMer’s out there. More generically accepted so that I didn’t need a separate blog for both businesses. I hope you can see the potential that I can see. I know when It comes to separate businesses and offers, it can be at times best to separate all the key elements such as blogs and social platforms….but in my case I think that local digital marketing and IM are very similar platforms.

I hope you like the new name and logo. I had a go at it myself as I want to move into the web design area also. I feel that it’s a great place to practice this sort of stuff and get some good advice from folks like yourself who have been doing this kind of stuff for a while.

Now last on the list…..I have been neglecting my Facebook and other social sites a bit lately but this does not mean I am done. I sort of miss being involved in the lively discussions on my facebook groups but I have been tied down to some serious software development and business research of late.  I have been working on so many elements that it hard to see any real results, but I am really so close with most of them I can smell the clean air :)

I had some serious troubles with my initial developer for my LinkedIn software – InboxIn


but I had to let him go and I have found a new guy who I think can handle the pace.  His communications skills are better and he knows how to reverse engineer which is indeed a good skill in itself.

Over the next few weeks I will be able to release this software and grow other sections of my business in ways that I have never have been able to in the past.  All thanks to a few inspiring groups and people in the Internet Marketing arena.

I would also like to make a mention of a group of Internet Marketers I had the fortune of meeting recently on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.   The meetup was via a “meetup” group I had joined some time ago.  This is the monthly meeting they hold above the local Tavern in the conference room.  Was a really great turn out of awesome individuals from all walks of life and with all types of business models.  Some in Video Marketing, some in local prospecting, some who were really niche specific, some building forums and using Flippa and the list goes on.  All the individual….both men and women 50/50, were very well versed in their niche.  A few individuals were actually 5-6 figure income earners working with some of the top Internet Marketers across the Globe.  Honestly -this really should have been a main event….It was for me.

I gained so much incite and value from it in the 3.5 hours that I was there that I would have honestly paid much more than i did on the night.  I was blown away by the generosity of individuals and humbled by the knowledge that was shared.  We actually sat at tables set up facing each other.  It was kind of a “round table” discussion group .  Worked fantastically, and everyone went away with a wealth of information.  I was fortunate enough to make some really good contacts from that one event.

Well worth your time if ever there is such an event in your area.

Please leave a comment or let me know your thoughts :)


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    • Thanks Donna,

      Appreciate your words on this. If you are happy to review the software for me before release…send me a quick email or connect on Facebook 😉

  1. Wow! Colin – you ARE having a heck of an exciting time. So glad your partner’s book launch went smoothly and awesome of you to help her there. Your domain too looks fantastic.

    I somehow associate Linkedin with Job Search, careers, etc. so not sure what InboxIn would really do.

    Looks like you really need to do the WMN technique! Just 5 simple steps in less than 30 minutes and you’ll be a NEW man, haha! No kidding! Go to my blog http://blog.webwizbox.com/wmn-wireless-mesh-network/ I’d be interested to know how it worked for you!



    • Hey Sue, I guess it’s all about taking big action. And spending lot’s of time and money on the things you are passionate about lol. As far as LinkedIn goes, this software will help you build connections and sort through you list for people who matter to you. Then you can invite them to places that matter….like your proffered social platforms to where you are doing all your exiting stuff :) Will check your blog…Cheers

  2. Hello Col Cooper,

    You have been busy. I can see that. I had some of the problems you are talking about. Sometimes you tend to avoid social and interactions because of the actions you must undertake. Nothing is lost really…you take action, and come back, and everything is there where you left it before.

    I am interested in your Inbox software, wondering what it will do and how it can help. Keep us updated on that. You are a very busy person, as many in my side of the world tell me, so I do understand.

    The move for your business, it’s only good if you had a gutt feeling about it and I believe that this was the case.

    To your success,


    • Thanks for your words of encouragement. Really appreciate it Carlos. For me it does not matter how busy I am, it really matters that I a taking action and following through with developments so that I can share real results. I wish you well with your business too and will keep u posted.

  3. Hi Col
    I’m glad you made your decision to merge your business and blogs. I have been pondering this task myself for some time now, but still feel I need to keep my Online Marketing Business that caters to Offline Business separate from my personal blog, where I promote affiliate products and share WordPress & SEO Tips etc.

    Congrats with the blog move and the upcoming product launch. I need to find the time to focus on LinkedIn at some stage…

    • Hey Duane, thanks for your words. I really needed to combine everything because it will help me stay focused. If I have too many separate areas to manage, it gets messy. Anyways, best of luck mate…?

  4. Hi Colin!

    Unbelievable how much you have accomplished, way to go! I was wondering about changing domains for blogs…I know who I can get help from now! Sounds like your partner is on the right path to success with her book launch too. I think taking action towards your business is key in growing it! May you have continued success!

  5. You certainly are taking action and getting things accomplished!

    It is sort of funny that way too many “online marketers” think that by starting their own business, they will both make money and work a lot less. Your post proves otherwise. In fact, we can sometimes feel like a puppet on a string if we don’t focus on where we want to go.

    • Great Dawn, It has to be where your priorities lie. We think we can run a reputable business without prior business knowledge. If you can find someone who is going to show what running a business really means first, your already way in front. Cheers

  6. I like the new look of the blog. Nice logo..

    Pass on my congratulations to your partner on the success of her new book.

    Let me know when the software is sorted, I would love to take another look at it.

    Lloyd ?

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