When time is against us…Will we win?

Too many times I have let myself get over run with other ideas and concepts of a lesser nature.  Ideas and concepts that have little value in what I am achieving in my life right now…right at this very moment.

For example – the quick start challenge I am currently involved in.  It has been a real eye opener for me to see that what happened with other successful people online years ago, can happen to me the same way just using those very same techniques.  Alls I have to do is go out and do it and not get distracted.  I find all too often, that my mind let’s me down when I have to stay focused and I then choose to chase after something I know is going to be less productive and have less value than my true goal.

It feels at times that the mountain I need to climb has gotten bigger than the last time I looked and more daunting to keep up with my own progress.  As I have come across these challenges often, it’s not a new thing.  What is less familiar too me is actually accepting the challenge and following through with results.  In the past I have convinced myself that I am doing so well and making the progress I originally set out for.  But when I look back….”Who am I kidding”  The progress speaks for itself…Only those who have made the effort and show some sort of following will get the results.

So now, if I don’t do what I originally set out to do.  I am only letting myself down.  In marketing, it’s you who can the make the difference…and only you….So if I can keep telling myself this, I will continually force myself to create those results I expect.  I have to make the time to make the changes I want to see in myself and in others.

It’s time for a new start, a clean break and to overcome any obstacle that will stand in my way.  I wish the same to all of you…Especially on the Quick Start Challenge….To milk it for everything it has to offer.  Like Dean has said, time and again….Don’t get it perfect….just get it going….(my little bit – then get results).  Please share your results:)

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  1. Hello Col

    I have actually had a panic attack as I stepped towards my computer with the idea of continuing to pursue my online adventure. This was due I guess to the amount of overwhelm I faced at that time.

    Thankfully that has been resolved and having Dean as a guide is a breath of fresh air, keep it simple but most of all keep it consistent, and yes I will be sure to share my results because that makes for an easy post to write :)


    • Hey Igor, really sorry to hear that mate. I have been in the same situation – so I know where your coming from. I have connected on Facebook and left a message.

  2. Hello Col,

    great articel.

    There are no things like obstacles in IM- there are only solutions;-)
    You have just to find them.

    Great job with your FB comments integration.
    Do have a FBsite for your website?



    • Hey Jochen, Good point in regards to the FB site. Honestly haven’t had time to look at this as I have a lot on my plate. But I will consider it in the future.

  3. Nice message Col! And the punch line… “Don’t get it perfect… just get it going” I love it! I really do. I’m looking out for people that will partner with me on projects a little later on too.

    Enjoy the Game!

    • Hey Joe, Great always looking to JV with stuff that’s in the IM game or the offline marketing arena. Anyways, always good to make the connection Cheers mate!

  4. Hi Col,

    Great article, self reflection can be a challenge in itself. There are many challenges.

    We can always make things so much harder for ourselves, especially when we keep wanting things to be ‘perfect’… Never ‘gonna get there!!

    So getting it done is most definitely the priority, and the Quick Start Challenge is definitely helping me with that one!

    Will be adding your site to my ‘watch’ list to follow along with your progress.

    • Fantastic Lynne, Will check out your post also. Gonna knuckle down tomorrow and give this video “VLOG” post a shot. Been to shy before now :)

  5. Hi Col

    I certainly can relate to your blog. So many times I told myself I would do it and never did! When I signed up for the Quick Start Challenge I decided I would do this one no matter what! I must admit it has been a challenge but it is forcing me to take action! I’m taking the word procrastination out of my vocabulary and substituting perseverance! Good luck with the Challenge…we can do it!

    • Hey Barbara, Thanks for dropping by. If you have had the same experiences I have – then you will be looking at the Blog Hopping list as quite exhausting. But as Dean pointed out, it’s really worth the time to explore and post on everyone’s blog. It’s an absolute goldmine, not to mention checking out all the talent and awesome people in the program – Cheers mate c u on the inside :)

  6. Hi Col, I feel like the advice “Don’t get it perfect…just get it going…” has helped me tremendously in the quick start challenge. I would always try to get it perfect instead of getting it going. Also the advice “Do one thing great, instead of several things average” has helped me allot too. Good luck with the challenge. I wish you the best.

    • Thanks Luis – Very kind words. I wish you all the very best and I am sure you will come to great things in time. We have a great community of very intelligent and motivated people here.

  7. Hi Col, there was a phrase on the wall in the Facebook office they showed once in a documentary: “Better done than perfect”. It ties in exactly with what you say. If it worked for FB, then it should work for an entrepreneur too. :) The analogy might be a stretch, but taking action is the way to go. All the best with your journey!

    • Hey Oggie, Perfect phrase….HaHa even the phrase is short and to the point meaning don’t hold back and create no distractions. Anyways that’s how I think of it. Great information and inspiration. Cheers!

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